Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

Please fill out the following questionnaire as fully & honestly as possible to assist us in placing puppies in the best possible home. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone.

Full Name:
Phone Number:
How many people live in your home? How many children, and what are their ages?:
Are there any pets in your home? Please list breed, age & gender of each.
What type of dwelling do you reside in?
Do you own or rent?
Is your yard fenced?
Have you ever owned a Mastiff, or giant breed before?
Please explain as best you can, why you feel Mastiffs are the breed for you.
Are you prepared for the time and expense involved with raising a Mastiff?
Are you willing to get pet insurance?
Do you have any preferences for your puppy? Male, female, color?
How many hours would your puppy spend alone on an average day, and where would he spend this time?
Are you willing to have a home visit done before being approved for a puppy?
Are you willing to provide two references who can attest for your ability to adequately care for a Mastiff’s needs?
Are you willing to sign a contract, stating that you will not breed your puppy – and that you will have him/her spayed/neutered at the appropriate age?
Are you willing to attend puppy socialization classes, and further his training with obedience classes as he grows?
What veterinarian do you currently use for your other pets? Please provide contact information.
Does your town/city/county have any by-laws regarding owning a Mastiff?
If something unfortunate happened in your life, that prevented you from further caring for your Mastiff, do you agree to return him or her to me?
Do you have any questions for me, or comments that would better help me to fit you with the right puppy?