In Memory

The importance of the dogs on this page is immeasurable. Each of them has a hand in bringing us to now…each one teaching us something, each reminding us of where we’ve been, mistakes we never want to repeat, and of a time that we never want to leave behind. They have each healed our hearts by coming and broken them again by leaving…as I’m sure will happen again and again. It is the bittersweet reality of being owned by our Mastiffs. We never, ever have them long enough. The unparalleled love and devotion they give us while they are here outweighs the emptiness of their must, or we wouldn’t keep setting ourselves up for such devastation.


April 14, 2006 - March 18, 2015

The loss of Noah left me feeling shocked, and unable to catch my breath.  Noah was never sick a day in his life. He exemplified strength and nobility. Because of these traits, he was stoic till the end, and gave us no indication anything was wrong. He left so fast.

Noah would have been  9yrs old in 3wks, but he never acted like an old dog.  He was every bit what a Mastiff should be. He was strong, brave and fearless, which I loved...but equally soft, loving and silly. When my kids were getting old enough to stay home alone, I was a typical nervous mom. Before I left, I would always say to them “keep Noah close”...I trusted him to protect them and keep them safe. He loved his family with all of his heart, and never once made us question his devotion. He could read every single one of us.

To me, he will always be the perfect example of what a Mastiff should be, inside and out. I adored every quality and quirk about him. Having his kids and Grandkids helps immensely, but they are not him. There was only one Noah, and he is, and always will be, greatly missed.


May 17, 2005 – September 10, 2015

Gracie was not our first Mastiff, but she was the first one that we got as a puppy. I had big plans for her. Her sire was the first Mastiff I had ever seen back in the fall of 1996. He was the reason I fell in love with the breed, and I was dying to have a puppy from him one day. Then, I had a few human kids instead…then I got my first Mastiff, Muffie…then my sweet boy Harley….and finally, I was on the list and about to get a puppy from that boy who stole my heart, back in 1996.

Gracie was supposed to be a boy. She was supposed to love showing. She was supposed to be my foundation dog. Turned out, that what she was, was a girl, who hated to show, and couldn’t be bred due to a heart condition. BUT, it also turned out that she was one of the best dogs I’ve ever had the privilege of owning – and I have never, for one second, had a single regret that she was ours. She was a love…a clown…my daughters constant companion…she was perfect, and we loved her more then I can explain for over 10 wonderful years. Everyone in the house is devastated by the loss of our pretty little red head.


December 23, 2003 - April 11, 2013

Rumba's passing was such a shock to us, that it's been impossible to wrap our minds around the fact that she's actually gone. I knew she was getting older. I know what the averages are for Mastiffs...but I just never saw it coming. Rumba never complained a day in her life. Never missed a beat. Rum led our pack with her unparalleled example of what a Mastiff should be.

Brave, loyal, goofy, and above all - unconditionally loving. I trusted my girl completely in any situation...she was nothing if not reliable. She brought that "brindle sass" to our home that we are blessed enough to enjoy in the three generations she's left behind for us. I've tried so many times to describe her full personality in words, but they always fall short to express just how amazing this girl was. My beautiful Bee was so strong. A true alpha, no doubt about it. Never once used more force than needed to assert her rules. It always amazed me to watch her with her canine family. She clearly adored every one of her furry followers, and it was abundantly clear that the adoration was very mutual. Our stoic Matriarch, who never gave us a moments grief is gone. I never thought of a time that we wouldn't have her with us - until that time was here.

We will miss our Rumble Bee deeply, forever.


September 13, 2001 - August 20, 2012

My heart shattered the moment Harley took his last breath. He was my favourite person in the world. I would always jokingly tell people that the reason I never left him at home was because *I* had separation anxiety. The thing is, it wasn’t far from truth. Harley made even my worst days manageable, just by being there. He was always absolutely perfect…always exactly what I needed. If I was grumpy, he’d act exceptionally goofy until he had me laughing…if I was sad, he would silently wait it out, never leaving my side until he was sure I was ok again. Since he’s been gone, I feel completely gutted. He stayed with me for as long as he could…coming so close to his 11th Birthday. It is greedy of me to expect more from him then that, but I would have traded anything for just a little longer with my boy. He left an emptiness in my heart far too immense to ever be filled again. There will never be another Harley.

Take with you this...I loved you best.


May 17, 2002 – April 18, 2010

Muffie was the beginning of everything for us, our first Mastiff. We brought her home when she was 9mths old. She was a big, clumsy girl with a heart of pure gold. It always both amazes and surprises me to see how strongly the Mastiffs “pick” and bond to their one special person. For Muffie, her one and only was our son. Marcus was just a toddler when she came. A little boy who was fascinated by this giant new playmate. They spent the next 7yrs as an inseparable team. She adored her boy, and I couldn’t have felt more secure knowing she always had his back – from “saving” him from being tickled to letting him steady himself on her while he stretched to reach the things he shouldn’t. She was our first Mastiff love, our first Mastiff loss – Muffie is the reason we will never be without a Mastiff in our lives.

We will miss you forever, sweet girl.


July 4, 2008 – August 24, 2009

Losing an old friend who had lived a good, long life is hard enough, but to lose a young boy who’s life had just started is devastating. Ace was loved by everyone who knew him. He left his mark on all of our hearts during the time that he was here. Short as that time was, he spent it living like a king with his mom Jacquie, sisters Carmel & Clover, and big brother Wyatt. He is missed terribly, and thought of everyday.

Love you baby boy.

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.
~Caroline Myss